Feb. 24, 2019

Atomic Habits by James Clear: Environment architecture and crisps at airports

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About the Author

James Clear is an American author, entrepreneur, and photographer. He write about habits and human potential whilst trying to answer the central question “How can we live better?”

In order to answer that question, he uncovers the latest scientific research and explain it in a way that you can easily understand and actually use. As he shares these science-based ideas for living a better life, he showcases the habits and rituals of athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs to tease out the common characteristics that make these people the best at what they do.

James believes the best way to change the world is in concentric circles: start with yourself and work your way out from there. If you get yourself sorted out, then that is one less person for the world to worry about. You'll be in a position to contribute rather than consume. You will add order rather than disorder.


About the Book

This book is the cornerstone for habit building - containing the best practices for solid, sustainable habit creation.

Using the cue – craving – response – reward model, James explores the internal (mindset / identity) and external (environment / other people) success [or failure] factors of habit formation. With examples throughout the book from business, career, health, fitness and relationships – you can easily relate the lessons to the lifestyle changes you want to create.


BIG IDEA 1 (3:30) - Cue, craving, response and reward. This idea is about the internal and external factors that affect our emotions. It’s important for us to identify the cues, cravings, what our response is and what the reward or feeling that stimulates. This helps us to be aware of our actions during events and to know which element needs to be changed to change the habit.  The idea is to make it obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying when reversing the unhealthy habit. James also talks about editing your beliefs and ‘upgrading and expanding your identity’ to help embed new habits into your life.


BIG IDE 2 (6:00) - Focus on the system not the goal. By focussing on your current trajectory not the results, you move away from the goal being the habit and just the starting point. Another idea he shared is about the temptation bundling- pairing a want (eg regular flossing) with a need (brushing your teeth) to easily create a habit by piggy-backing.


One great point James mentioned is about the idea of repetitions not time. How long it takes to change the habit comes down to the frequency of repetition, not time elapsed. You have to the action frequently to be able to build the habit.


BIG IDEA 3 (7:36) - Create your environment to succeed. Be the architect of your environment - think about what, when, how and who. We are being influenced by the close, many and powerful by imitating the habits that we see - in real life and online. An example of this are groups of friends and family with the same habits around lifestyle, health or food. This is the same for those who you follow on social media or who you read - they will all influence you, for better or worse!

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Links I Mentioned

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