July 5, 2020

Be Brilliant by Janine Garner: How to stop dimming your brilliance

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About the Book

Business was simple; now it’s competitive. Clients were easy; now they’re demanding. Communication was straight forward; now it’s overwhelming. Resources were limitless; now they’re stretched. Employment was secure; now it’s uncertain.   

Often the world feels like it’s all too much. It’s exhausting trying to work out ‘what to do’

We want to be successful. So we spend a fortune on stuff, on shit, that we think will make us ‘better’ — that will help us achieve more, or simply ‘fix us’. But all it does is fuel feelings of loneliness, depression, undue stress, and further disconnection.

The thing is, that we are all like diamonds with lots of facets and flaws. And it takes artistry on ourselves to bring out our unique brightness. We are all rare gems designed to shine, created under enormous pressure.

‍We all have to get better at being ourselves. The world is asking us to be extraordinary, this is our calling.  

Are you ready to embrace the challenge?

Source: https://bebrilliantbook.com/

About the Author

Janine Garner’s whole world revolves around helping others reclaim and reignite their influence.

A highly sought-after keynote speaker, educator and author, Janine works with high profile global leaders and teams, and helps many of Australia’s top 50 ASX companies and multinationals — EY, CBRE, DXC Technology, Hewlett Packard, Micro Focus, Optus and CBA, to name a few.

Janine believes we need people, teams and companies to be absolutely brilliant to lead today’s complex environment into tomorrow’s unknowns.

This requires collaboration, transformation and leverage and it demands better conversations, training and connection.

That’s the power you have when you are your brilliant self.



Read extracts, download extras and order the book here: www.bebrilliantbook.com 

Listen to Janine’s podcast here: https://janinegarner.com.au/business-podcast/ 

Listen to episode 12 of SBB about Janine’s last book, It’s Who You Know here: It’s Who You Know: Networking without the cringe-factor

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Buy the book from The Book Depository https://www.bookdepository.com/Be-Brilliant-Janine-Garner/9780730383765/?a_aid=stephsbookshelf

BIG IDEA 1 (5:06) – You’re already imperfectly brilliant.

We’ve all got what it takes but we tend to underestimate ourselves with demons like self-doubt or imposter syndrome. But if we only let certain bits of ourselves catch the light, the bits we think are acceptable, then people will not only see through us but also miss the other parts of us that can bring value.

The model in the book includes the focus on both inner and outer confidence plus the impact we have on ourselves and others. 

BIG IDEA 2 (6:57) – The four laws of brilliance.

Janine sets the four laws out in her diamond model;

  1. be you
  2. be ready
  3. be together and
  4. be heard

Each of these four laws is brought to life with three different facets which you can self assess against to know where you are at the moment. 

Many of these aren’t groundbreaking or new ideas, but the real question is are you already doing the things? Are you really owning your potential brilliance? 

BIG IDEA 3 (10:54) – Beware of the shadows.

These are the things that we do to sabotage ourselves. In ‘be you’, you might let self-doubt get in the way of you owning your spotlight. For ‘be ready’, blaming others and letting ourselves burnout will stop us from shining. In ‘be together’, you might want to be on the lookout on your networks for ‘dream-stealers’. And for ‘be heard’ some of the shadows you might need to look out for are things like treading water and not really doing much to being heard and magnify your influence.


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