Sept. 11, 2022

Cult Status by Tim Duggan: why you should throw the old ways of building a business in the bin

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About the book

Consumers have changed, and the businesses that form around them are principled, purposeful and creative. The next generation of entrepreneurs thinks differently, and Cult Status will show you how you can too.

Enough has been written about huge cult brands founded last century – Nike, Apple, Red Bull. What will the cult companies of tomorrow look like? Who is amassing the kind of passionate community that gives them the best chance of getting through difficult times to build long-term, sustainable success?


About the author

Tim Duggan is an author, advisor and optimist who firmly believes in the power of business to do good.

Tim has co-founded several digital media ventures, most notably Junkee Media, the leading digital publisher for young Australians, which was acquired by ASX-listed oOh!media

His first book, Cult Status: How To Build A Business People Adore, was named the Best Entrepreneurship and Small Business Book at the 2021 Australian Business Book Awards. His second book on creativity in the workplace, Killer Thinking: How To Turn Good Ideas Into Brilliant Ones, is out now.

He’s also the Chairman of the Digital Publishers Alliance, a group representing over 100 titles from the leading independent publishers in the country, as well as working with a range of businesses that he’s passionate about.


ICYMI - here's the episode where I talked about Tim's latest book, Killer Thinking.


Big idea #1 - Refine & define, the seven steps to cult status

Big idea #2 - Be an untrepreneur

Big idea #3 - Know your enemy


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