Oct. 4, 2020

Further Faster by Warren James: How to get your career off to the best start

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About the Book 

You too can find direction and build a roadmap to take your life and career further faster, even if you are feeling a little under-equipped for the journey ahead.

“‘Further Faster’ is an actionable guide full of important steps for those who want to make the most of their career” – Nir Eyal, bestselling author of ‘Hooked‘ and ‘Indistractable

Come on a journey of self-discovery with Warren James, The Rapid Mentor, to uncover:

  • Who you are and where you want to go
  • The pillars you can use to build your own robust, balanced lifestyle
  • The tools you need to succeed at any level in life
  • How to easily master the life skills that most others learn the hard way
  • The strategies you need to help accelerate your journey and get you where you want to be faster

‘Further Faster – The Ultimate Guide To Accelerating Your Career’ is for you, whether you are just starting out in your career; ready to really go after some serious life goals; or feeling stuck and overlooked despite the hard work you are already putting in.

Source: amazon.com

About the Author

Warren James is the founder of the Rapid Online Mentoring Company. He has devoted the latter part of his career to helping the brightest graduates and young professionals from across the world take their life and career further faster. An engineering Honours graduate himself, he has spent over ten years in corporations, advancing his career as an engineer and later a project manager, responsible for budgets in excess of $50M. He found though that his greatest satisfaction came from mentoring teams and individuals, and has now made this his life’s work.

Source: amazon.com

Buy the book from The Book Depository - https://www.bookdepository.com/Further-Faster-Warren-James/9780648910602/?a_aid=stephsbookshelf

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BIG IDEA 1 (4:15) – Have a plan

This idea is more around the direction and mindset of career and life planning over being fixed to a set outcome. It’s ultimately about avoiding floating and getting stuck in a rut. Having a flexible plan which can also be applied to other parts of your life as well will help that.

Warren talked about the specifics of smart goals to avoid things passing you by. For example, can put a time scale on activities or ambitions and life planning exercises using sticky notes with the things you want to do, achieve or places you want to go to in the different decades of your life.

This helps provide direction and can help you take the first important steps. He encourages you to think about those initial tiny steps that can help you move forward. 

BIG IDEA 2 (7:28) – Four buckets

The four buckets that Warren mentioned in this book are:

1. Career

2. Finance

3. Bucket list

4. Personal

You use these four buckets to plan. It helps you think about the things that you can do today or this to help one of these things move forward. It can also help you set your career goals. This can influence your plan and create balance. 

BIG IDEA 3 (9:05) – Know your numbers

Warren shared some of his numbers and his solid approach to his personal finance and the impact of that. This also avoids you getting stuck and making poor financial decisions early on in your career and then ending up over-leveraged and tied to your salary.

One idea is working out your hourly rate helps you understand and get a better appreciation of how much things really cost. For example if you want to buy a shirt, think about how many hours of work it will cost.

This helps you set priorities and plan your career goals, financial goals, bucket list and personal goals.  It helps you prioritise where to spend your money and the kind of lifestyle you want to create.

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