April 14, 2019

Speakership by Matt Church, Sacha Coburn and Col Fink: Think before you speak

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About the Authors


This book has three authors; Matt Church, Sacha Coburn and Col Fink, and is a spin off of the Thought Leaders Business School series of books.


Thought Leaders Business School is the most comprehensive Thought Leaders program ever, they pride themselves on helping clever people be commercially smart.


Matt Church is the founder of TLBS and speaks at conferences and runs development programs for leaders. He is committed to helping people prepare for tomorrow by taking action today.


Sacha Coburn’s passion has been to better understand how to unleash potential in leaders, how to unlock peak performance in teams, and how to ignite a spark within business leaders so they create environments for their people to flourish and excel.


Col Fink is an “irrepressibly enthusiastic speaker who cares a great deal about making people’s lives more awesome”. He presents keynote speeches designed to make the world a better place, and teaches others how to do the same.


Source: https://tlbusinessschool.com/ , https://www.mattchurch.com/ , https://colfink.com/#culture and https://thecompanyyoukeep.co.nz/who-we-are/


About the Book


Providing the missing link between strategy and execution, Speakership unpacks the science of influence.


Whether you want to speak to build a brand and position your expertise, or accelerate your leadership pathway, Speakership gives you the knowledge and tools you need to master the art of leading out loud.


Learn the 9 key principles of speakership so you can:

  • spread messages that matter
  • learn to lead, rather than manage
  • mobilise people into action
  • experience the ultimate personal development vehicle


This book is a map for leaders and ambitious achievers who want to harness the power of presentations to influence their projects, the implementation of their ideas and their tribe.


Your ability to stand and deliver in front of your teams, your colleagues, your clients will set you apart. Influencing and inspiring those around you by sharing messages that matter gives you instant credibility and cut-through.


Source: https://www.mattchurch.com/speakership-book


Free sample chapter:


BIG IDEA 1 (6:20) - Think before you speak.The book has a great concept of ‘full spectrum thinking’. It is about thinking with your left brain, the right brain, the positioning, how you’re inspiring, informing, your key messages and that one big word you’re trying to get across your audience


It’s also about unpacking your genius - the idea about going big (exploring all your ideas) to go small (get specific on the action or change you want to see). Thinking across the spectrum by looking at old and new ideas or contemporary interpretations of the big word that you are getting across helps deepen the support for your ideas. It is also about thorough preparation of your thinking and having a point and being able to support it.


There are practical concepts in the book on how you can position your ideas based on how you structure them through thorough idea generation. One example is the idea of time capsule which helps create the format of your presentation.   


BIG IDEA 2 (8:39) - Find your style and connect.This idea is about being yourself and how to bring your very own personality to the stage. Sometimes this involves owning your weaknesses and flipping them to become a strength. One example would be if others see your being over-committed as a weakness, you can turn this into a strength by saying you are over committed because you are very enthusiastic.  This enthusiasm then becomes part of your ‘brand’.


Finding your style and connecting includes using stories to create the atmosphere and mood you want, to make your point and connect with the audience.  


Finally, when connecting it’s important to think about your pre-preparation and your influences before you walk up to the stage to perform. What are you doing and how are you preparing to get into that zone?  Are you in the right mindset to present? Your own feelings will often be quickly reflected back to you by the audience - good or bad!


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