Sept. 19, 2022

Two Hour Cocktail Party by Nick Gray: how to be more interesting

About the book

You know that well-connected friend who only exists in the movies? The one who throws the best parties and can set up any introduction you need?

Everyone wants to know someone magical like this who brings people together. The secret is: you can be that person. You should be that person. The 2-Hour Cocktail Party will show you how.

Discover a simple party-hosting formula with step-by-step instructions that help you meet new people, strengthen your existing relationships, and make you the person everyone wants to know.

You’ll learn which days are the best to throw events (probably not the ones you think!) and what to say to the first people who arrive. Learn how to ensure your invitations get responses and your guests show up excited to mingle. Plus, get helpful pre-party checklists and a breakdown of activities to encourage new connections.

With The 2-Hour Cocktail Party, you’ll make new friends, boost your career, and leave everyone asking. “When’s your next party?”


About the author

Howdy 👋🏼

I’m Nick Gray. I just launched a new book: The 2-Hour Cocktail Party.

Most people know me as the Founder of Museum Hack.

I hate museums. That’s why I started Museum Hack. It was featured in a popular TEDx talk. Then I grew it to a multi-million dollar business.

In 2019, I sold Museum Hack in an interesting way. It starts with a juicy takeover; read the story here.

I just turned 40. For my birthday, I rented out an entire indoor water park. That was fun.



Three big ideas

1) Build momentum

2) Nights, nametags, nibbles

3) Icebreakers

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