Jan. 4, 2019

Welcome: How you can read 30 books in a year, trolls with light up eyes and about the podcast

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Welcome to Steph's Business Bookshelf.


About the Podcast

Steph (Chief Bookworm) will share the three ‘big ideas’ Steph took from the books she read along with how she has implemented the lessons and actions from the authors in her own life.


About Steph

Steph Clarke is a facilitator, team coach and a leadership development professional hailing from the UK but calling Australia home since 2014. Steph created this podcast to share what she learned from different books she’s read and how to build a consistent reading habit.  She’s a lifelong bookworm and came ‘back’ to reading in 2018 after attending a workshop and reflecting on the question ‘what is your inner child doing?’. This podcast is a way of her sharing what she’s learnt with more people - like you.


How to build a reading habit

BIG IDEA 1 (4:09): Setting a Goal.Setting a goal to create a reading habit is important. Steph’s ideal goal was to read each evening for 30 minutes but she also used an incremental, or minimum, goal of 1% or 5 minutes.  This tiny, manageable goal is what creates the all-important element of consistency helps you not to break the chain and continue on the momentum of building the daily habit of reading.


BIG IDEA 2 (5:10): Find Cracks of Time. You can also use the cracks of time to build your reading habit by bringing your Kindle with you and reading in those cracks of time. Start reading during lunch time, breaks, commutes, whilst waiting for the doctor, in queues...


BIG IDEA 3 (5:48):Use Your Phone’s Screen Time or Night Time Mode.This iOS feature allows you shutdown your phone at your desired time for reading. One side benefit of this reading habit is improving your sleep - two birds with one productive stone. James Clear’s book ‘Atomic Habits’ (which will be talked about in a future episode) talked a lot about habit building the importance of creating the right environment - including effective use of technology.


Music: Rainbow by Raw


Let's Connect

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/steph-clarke

Instagram: @stephsbizbookshelf

For full show notes, tweetable and 'grammable quotes, useful links and more visit www.stephsbusinessbookshelf.com


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